Keyholders and Lanyards

Keyholders  and Lanyards are an essential part of our everyday life because keys are everywhere. We all have them; whether they open our home, start our car or keep our bikes safe. They are with us every time we leave the house. They hold a world of possibilities!

Fully bespoke, colourful, branded satin feel lanyards to your exact design. Single or double clip options. Whether it is for company staff or as a promotional branding item, lanyards make it easy to carry keys or ID passes.

Losing your keys can be a devastating occurrence so you need some way to keep them safe and close by. Key holders decorate and adorn our keys, but they also provide a lasting memento of places you’ve seen, people who have shared the time with you and a loving sentiment.

A personalized key holder can make all the difference to your set of keys. It is unique to you and can provide you with pictures and words from those who are most important.

Our personalized key holders and lanyards makes an ideal present for someone in your life that you want to remind of the special times you’ve shared together in a way that will always be close to them.

Personalized key holders are a bit different from your average birthday present but then that’s what makes them perfect – it’s a present no one else will get!

Therefore, having lanyards are essential in every business and with Bizz Branding’s high-quality printed lanyards. A variety of luxurious satin feel that is incredibly comfortable to wear.